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Friday, March 20, 2015

My First Solo Wet Felted Wool Hat

After throughly enjoying learning how to wet felt wool 
using the Beth Beede ball technique 

in Heidi Paul's workshop

at wonderful Wayne Wichern's Studio

I succeeded in finding/buying/creating all the necessary supplies to try wet felting solo!

Each ball of wool is just 1 ounce exactly

Four ounces of beautiful merino wool short fiber batt was purchased from
CurlyFurr at etsy

The shop owner threw in a little pre felted wool to play around with 
and I spontaneously cut out a little smiley face.

This whole piece is only 1 ounce and needs to be separated into enough long sections to cover my 
bright pink gertie ball completely.
( Got my gertie ball from New England Felting )

Let the fun begin!
First color is carefully laid on ball in one dirction...

next 1 ounce layer is laid on in the opposite direction...

                          until all four of the one ounce wool balls has been placed on the ball.

Now it really gets fun trying to successfully stretch the top of nylons 
completely over the wool on the ball without messing up the wool
all by myself!

To felt wool very hot water is required,

and add a little Ivory soap to the water and then massage and agitate.
Check often to be sure wool is not felting to nylons! 

I am a little amazed that I actually succeeded in felting the wool!
It felt like a big soapy mess and I was sure when I removed the nylon that 
the wool would disintegrate and fall to pieces.

Obviously the wool is now removed from the ball 
and is the shape of a large oversized hat blank.

The wool still needs to be felted more and the felting will reduce it in size.

Rolling the wool in bamboo will help accelerate the felting.
Be sure to only roll the wool in the direction you want it to shrink.
I only rolled my wool side to side because I did not want to reduce the length.

When my new wet felted wool hat blank was the correct circumference for my head...

then I stretched it taut onto one of my wooden hat blocks.
I am a pretty big weakling so this is always a challenge.

Here is my securely anchored wet felted wool hat blank drying.

And this is my finished cloche style hat!
( I may still add a ribbon finish to the cut edge )

And the very first thing I had laid on the gertie ball was the smiley face,
having no idea if it would be visible on the inside of the hat.

Well, the face is still happy and so am I !!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Louis Vuitton Series 2

Louis Vuitton gifted Los Angeles with
an amazing interactive media experience
in a former camera store 
that shared the creative journey
of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. 

Nicolas Ghesquirere is the current
Artistic Director and the 
Spring/Summer 2015 is 
his third Women's Collection
for Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Series 2 - Past, Present, Future
is the full title of this unique experience. 

The first installation was a perfect blend of the past and the present;
a neon sign of the LV logo that was first used in 1854
and patented in 1908.

In the next pitch black room were giant constantly changing holograms
talking about the creative input and impact of the collection.

 Walking all the way around these giant projected images was fascinating.

After the giant holograms was the 
Magic Trunk...
An actual iconic trunk with a constantly changing appearance 
suspended mid-air 
with constantly changing images
erupting from the trunk 

                               After being mesmerized by the dozens of Magic Trunk images
the next dark room was even more interesting...

                                       The room had three films playing simultaneously.
Each movie depicted in real time an artisan
creating a single " petite-malle ", precious object.

One of the screens was showing the hundreds of steps
to create a beautiful,

leather covered vessel.

The precision and multi-layered steps to finish the vessel was mind boggling.

At the same time a gorgeous dress was being built on a dress form.

Each piece was carefully cut and sewn...

 to construct a red dress that was unforgettable.

And the third film of the crafting of a " petite-malle " was a pair of booties
that any woman in the world would love to own.

The precision and details in all the steps of completing each boot was unbelievable.

It was impossible to look away as the boots slowly took shape.

 Of course a lot of specialty equipment was also used by the incredible artisans.
Who knew shoemaking could be so fascinating. 

After four pitch black rooms suddenly it was a bright white room full of 
unique mannequins showcasing accessories, shoes and bags.

There were new designs and old designs.

 Amongst the old this 1926 shoe trunk was owned by Greta Garbo.

Next up were freebies and more freebies.
First was a large wall of stickers but, everyone was limited to only two.

These are the two I FINALLY selected.
Now I have to decide where to stick them :)

Then a large room covered with images.
Just like every budding designers studio.

And then you were gifted with a cool poster !

In a very large open area there was what appeared to be a collection of 
fun house mirrors but, with a door leading to...

a mirrored interior that was exactly like being inside a kaleidoscope!
AND oversized projections of the entire 
Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer fashion show from Paris. 

Of course, you also could see yourself in multiple reflections,
like it or not. LOL

And last but, certainly not least was the the Backroom room.
There were the actual clothes, shoes and accessories!

There was a real sense of the frenzy and planned chaos of a runway show.

And all the beautiful models in the line-up of the beautiful Spring/Summer ensembles.

And a glimpse at the reality of hard work behind all the glamour and fantasy of fashion!

There was no Louis Vuitton for sale at this event:(
instead it was like being inside a huge, crazy ad campaign
that just went on and on and on.

And I absolutely LOVED every minute!