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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'll Have the Scallops, please.

Del Mar Quilting, Sewing and Crafting Festival; 
another sewing festival
another opportunity to purchase novelties.

This time I was seduced by a scallop ruler/template
along with a heat resistant pusher for ironing.
All created and demonstrated by a highly entertaining 
Janet R. Platt

You simply place two fabrics right sides together
and outline the scallops and the pivot points.

Next you carefully sew 1/4" inside the drawn line 
and pivot each time you reach a point.

Then the drawn line becomes the line you follow to cut away the extra fabric

Carefully and accurately snip to each pivot point WITHOUT cutting through the stitches

Cut about four snips around each curve and then 
cut right down the middle of only one fabric.

Turn your scallops right side out and at each scallop insert the pusher to 
really help create and hold the scallop shape while you press with iron.

The pusher is the key to uniform, well rounded scallops !

When you've pressed all the scallops one side still has a cut slit down the middle 
( how you turned it right side out ) 
and then the other side has no cuts or markings..

Fold the scalloped strip in half lengthwise 
with the middle cut slit inside the fold.
When the scallop strip is folded both fabrics will show
so it is a nice effect to use two different fabrics.

The idea is to do many strips of the scallops 
and overlap
the strips to maybe
 cover the front of a pillow
or the yoke of a shirt
or the bottom of a skirt 
or the bottom of a curtain
or what ever floats your boat.

This scallop technique was pretty quick and easy
and someday I may need this exact thing but,honestly
 Janet R. Platt was just a really good saleswoman :)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Where's the Button?

Looking for the perfect button to finish a project ?

Pretty sure this is the opportunity to find that button...
plus probably zillions more you don't even know you want !

I am beyond sad that I will be out of town during this event.
But, my bank account is pretty glad I can't attend :)

Go find your button !!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Finders and Keepers; Super Buzzy and French General

Discovered two GREAT  sewing stores in So Cal this month !!

One was Super Buzzy on Main Street in Ventura

The other amazing store was French General in Los Angeles 

superbuzzy, 1794 East Main Street, Ventura, CA 93001

Super Buzzy has a fantastic selection of; 
unique, beautiful Japanese fabrics,
Japanese crafting supplies. 
lots of purse/bag making items and patterns,
notions, dyes, books,
ribbons, ribbons, ribbons
AND felting supplies !! 

Many items I have never seen before and I throughly enjoyed the 90 minutes looking
at every aisle and item in the store.
Plus, being a privately owned store the owner and her lovely family were present 
and eager to answer all my questions of
  " what's this ? "

French General 2009 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90039

French General is a few blocks from Dodger Stadium 
in a part of Los Angeles called Frogtown.

This store is as far from a traditional retail store as possible.
It is an epic treasure hunt of 
vintage buttons, ribbons, trims, 
papers, quilting supplies, fabrics,
 notions, horseshoes, misc antique items,
and zillions of old apothecary jars full of beads, beads and beads.

French General has its roots on the East Coast
started by Kari Meng and her sister Molly. 
More than a store they wanted to share their wonderful finds
from France and England.
And an important goal is creating an inspiring workspace
so there is a wonderful selection of classes and activities.

You must ring the bell to be admitted into this 
wonderland of inspiration.
And be prepared to spend some time
if you want to search every nook and niche 
at the wonderfully original French General.

Here is what I could not resist at Super Buzzy;
fabric, felting supplies, buttons and a unique seam ripper from Japan

French General has the best branding I have ever encountered...
everything is beautiful from the products to the store displays
to the packaging. 
I could not resist buttons, ribbons and jewelry bits.

The two things that Super Buzzy and French General share 
are  female proprietors that love their stores, fabulous cute exteriors
and wonderful unique items inside 
( oops three things ! ) 

I would definitely describe these two stores as destinations.
Generic items may not be found but, 
with an open mind you may find treasures you didn't even know you wanted !!

Happy Hunting

Friday, May 1, 2015

Introducing Iris Apfel

There is a new documentary about an interesting fashion icon:
Iris Apfel
93 years young.

Iris is part of the new Spring ad campaign for Kate Spade.
But, she made her fortune and reputation owning a textile company with her husband Carl.

Textiles also allowed Iris to travel the world and amass 
an unbelievable treasure trove of oddities and artifacts.

In fact Iris has so many unique clothes and accessories
that in 2005 the New York Metropolitan Museum did an exhibit 
of some of her  outfits with accessories.
But, she doesn't take herself or fashion too seriously.

and if you can believe it there is even a Halloween costume of her !!!

The documentary Iris is not earth shattering but,
after living for 93 years she has 
many fashion insights and observations 
that make you smile 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer coming to Target

The newest line to collaborate with Target is
Lilly Pulitzer 

The original creator of the namesake brand was 
also known as the 
" Queen of Prep "

Full page ad from Vogue magazine

Lilly Pulitzer started her fashion and lifestyle empire in 1959
after customers at her Palm Beach, Florida orange juice stand
wanted her dresses more than orange juice.
To be practical at the messy juice stand Lilly wore
sleeveless shifts of bright colorful cotton to hide
the juice stains and be comfortable.

Online preview of the colorful prints that will be on fabrics

The original Lilly Pulitzer fashion house closed in 1984 but,
by 1993 Sugartown Worldwide Inc. revived the Lilly Pulitzer line
and Lilly became the creative consultant until her death in 2013.

And now on Sunday, April 19th, 2015
Target will launch a line of 
Lilly Pulitzer.

I sincerely hope that the numerous sundresses,
tops, bathing suits, etc. will 
be made from a nice quality cotton.
I find most of Target designer launches 
 totally disappointing because 
the fabric is such poor quality.

For a preview of styles go to

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ombre Dye Project

I saw this extremely overpriced ombre dyed denim shirt 
at Anthropologie and thought;

 I could do that to one of my old denim shirts...

and I did !

Purchased this NO MESS ( lol ) 
iDye packet at Laguna Beach Art Supply 
in royal blue.

I first saw these dye packets in Seattle and I've really 
wanted to try out the dye process.
This packet is for natural fiber and 
the company also makes a dye for synthetics.

I assembled my dye station and
 finally used the crock pot I bought at an estate sale.

I am way too chicken to use any dye inside my house
at either the stove or in the washing machine 
because it's DYE and stains everything it touches!

So outside 
I heated up the water in the crock pot
and added the dye.

Next I wet just the bottom third of my old denim shirt.

I hung my shirt so just the bottom third would be immersed in the dye bath.
Tried to be extremely careful not to splash the dye onto the rest of the shirt. 

The dye packet did not have any separate dye activator but, 
it did require a lot of non iodized salt.

Things got a little messy as I tried to do the required frequent stirring
for the 30 minutes my shirt was in the dye bath.

Time was up!
Gave it a good cold rinse with the hose

Dye continued to rinse out of the shirt
so I decided to try setting the dye with 
a water and white vinegar bath.

Then I washed it with old clothes in
the washing machine and then the dryer.

I definitely will always wash it with blue clothing.

And that was my first ombre dye adventure!

I would rate it a success;
especially since the only other thing I turned blue 
was the stirring spoon.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Is It Fashion ??

Grabbed this off Instagram 
and guess what this girl is wearing in a most original way...