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Friday, April 17, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer coming to Target

The newest line to collaborate with Target is
Lilly Pulitzer 

The original creator of the namesake brand was 
also known as the 
" Queen of Prep "

Full page ad from Vogue magazine

Lilly Pulitzer started her fashion and lifestyle empire in 1959
after customers at her Palm Beach, Florida orange juice stand
wanted her dresses more than orange juice.
To be practical at the messy juice stand Lilly wore
sleeveless shifts of bright colorful cotton to hide
the juice stains and be comfortable.

Online preview of the colorful prints that will be on fabrics

The original Lilly Pulitzer fashion house closed in 1984 but,
by 1993 Sugartown Worldwide Inc. revived the Lilly Pulitzer line
and Lilly became the creative consultant until her death in 2013.

And now on Sunday, April 19th, 2015
Target will launch a line of 
Lilly Pulitzer.

I sincerely hope that the numerous sundresses,
tops, bathing suits, etc. will 
be made from a nice quality cotton.
I find most of Target designer launches 
 totally disappointing because 
the fabric is such poor quality.

For a preview of styles go to

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ombre Dye Project

I saw this extremely overpriced ombre dyed denim shirt 
at Anthropologie and thought;

 I could do that to one of my old denim shirts...

and I did !

Purchased this NO MESS ( lol ) 
iDye packet at Laguna Beach Art Supply 
in royal blue.

I first saw these dye packets in Seattle and I've really 
wanted to try out the dye process.
This packet is for natural fiber and 
the company also makes a dye for synthetics.

I assembled my dye station and
 finally used the crock pot I bought at an estate sale.

I am way too chicken to use any dye inside my house
at either the stove or in the washing machine 
because it's DYE and stains everything it touches!

So outside 
I heated up the water in the crock pot
and added the dye.

Next I wet just the bottom third of my old denim shirt.

I hung my shirt so just the bottom third would be immersed in the dye bath.
Tried to be extremely careful not to splash the dye onto the rest of the shirt. 

The dye packet did not have any separate dye activator but, 
it did require a lot of non iodized salt.

Things got a little messy as I tried to do the required frequent stirring
for the 30 minutes my shirt was in the dye bath.

Time was up!
Gave it a good cold rinse with the hose

Dye continued to rinse out of the shirt
so I decided to try setting the dye with 
a water and white vinegar bath.

Then I washed it with old clothes in
the washing machine and then the dryer.

I definitely will always wash it with blue clothing.

And that was my first ombre dye adventure!

I would rate it a success;
especially since the only other thing I turned blue 
was the stirring spoon.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Is It Fashion ??

Grabbed this off Instagram 
and guess what this girl is wearing in a most original way...



Monday, April 6, 2015


I was lucky to travel to New York City in March 
even more lucky to make it to FIT and view 
some fantastic, free exhibits.

The three exhibits included;

 a wonderful collection of Lauren Bacall's iconic gowns and dresses,
an extremely interesting informative exhibit.

And a fascinating history of 
authorized and unauthorized copies of fashions.
Innovative insights into how
designers dealt with knock-offs.

But, the main exhibit was an exciting comparison and contrast 
of French designer Yves Saint Laurent 
and American designer Halston
during the momentous 1970s

A giant timeline highlighted the accomplishments and intersection of
 Halston and Yves Saint Laurent during the 1970s.

So many, many interesting facts of their burgeoning design careers.

But, the timeline was just a tease because 
next was an incredible collection of 
incredibly beautiful clothing...

that is just as wearable today
as in the 1970s when these 
designers created them.

The green and fuchsia printed silk crepe pajama set was from 
the 1970 Saint Laurent Rive Gauche collection

The blue printed crepe de chine pajama set
was by Halston in 1976.

Both of these tie-dyed silk chiffon pajama sets
are from 1970 designed by Halston.

A beautiful black silk jersey jumpsuit from 1976 by Halston

A red silk jersey dress from the 1974 Saint Laurent Rive Gauche collection

And the most beautiful off-white silk satin evening dress
by Yves Saint Laurent circa 1978

The exhibit is not a complete retrospective
nor a survey of 1970s fashions.

Instead it is a glimpse at the exciting, 
creative, color, drama and fantasy
of two brilliant designers.

The exhibit runs from February 6 - April 18, 2015

Friday, March 20, 2015

My First Solo Wet Felted Wool Hat

After throughly enjoying learning how to wet felt wool 
using the Beth Beede ball technique 

in Heidi Paul's workshop

at wonderful Wayne Wichern's Studio

I succeeded in finding/buying/creating all the necessary supplies to try wet felting solo!

Each ball of wool is just 1 ounce exactly

Four ounces of beautiful merino wool short fiber batt was purchased from
CurlyFurr at etsy

The shop owner threw in a little pre felted wool to play around with 
and I spontaneously cut out a little smiley face.

This whole piece is only 1 ounce and needs to be separated into enough long sections to cover my 
bright pink gertie ball completely.
( Got my gertie ball from New England Felting )

Let the fun begin!
First color is carefully laid on ball in one dirction...

next 1 ounce layer is laid on in the opposite direction...

                          until all four of the one ounce wool balls has been placed on the ball.

Now it really gets fun trying to successfully stretch the top of nylons 
completely over the wool on the ball without messing up the wool
all by myself!

To felt wool very hot water is required,

and add a little Ivory soap to the water and then massage and agitate.
Check often to be sure wool is not felting to nylons! 

I am a little amazed that I actually succeeded in felting the wool!
It felt like a big soapy mess and I was sure when I removed the nylon that 
the wool would disintegrate and fall to pieces.

Obviously the wool is now removed from the ball 
and is the shape of a large oversized hat blank.

The wool still needs to be felted more and the felting will reduce it in size.

Rolling the wool in bamboo will help accelerate the felting.
Be sure to only roll the wool in the direction you want it to shrink.
I only rolled my wool side to side because I did not want to reduce the length.

When my new wet felted wool hat blank was the correct circumference for my head...

then I stretched it taut onto one of my wooden hat blocks.
I am a pretty big weakling so this is always a challenge.

Here is my securely anchored wet felted wool hat blank drying.

And this is my finished cloche style hat!
( I may still add a ribbon finish to the cut edge )

And the very first thing I had laid on the gertie ball was the smiley face,
having no idea if it would be visible on the inside of the hat.

Well, the face is still happy and so am I !!