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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Must Love Fabrics

I confess M&L Fabrics doesn't stand for Must Love Fabrics, but you really must love fabrics to visit this super size store of every kind of fabric. I hadn't been to M&L Fabrics for about 5 years and now I'm thinking why have I driven all the way to LA and pass by M&L? If I had stopped at M&L I probably would have forgotten why I was going to LA because seriously this store has a HUGE selection of all kinds of fabrics and trims and ribbons from moderate to great prices.
Back in the day all the ladies that cut the fabric were from Romania or somewhere and wore handkerchiefs on their heads and spoke very little English but, that's all changed. I only saw one handkerchief woman this trip.
However I digress...M&L Fabrics doesn't have a website so I can't post a link but it's located at Knott Ave. and Ball Rd. and the address is 3430 W. Ball Rd., Anaheim 92804 phone 714 995-3178

Gingham Goldmine!!

As if M&L Fabrics being the size of a supermarket wasn't great enough, there are unbelievable stacks of flat-fold fabric for unending rows (ok it just seemed unending, there were 11 rows)...and wait for it- $1.98 a yard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And as I was pawing through these rows of glorious fabric and forgetting why I was there I found my pot of gold-GINGHAM!
Don't ask me why gingham so ignites my creativity but just the sight of it starts me imagining gingham pockets and hems and buttons and collars and aprons and lions and bears, oh my!
When my daughters were little they wore ALOT of gingham :)