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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'll Have the Scallops, please.

Del Mar Quilting, Sewing and Crafting Festival; 
another sewing festival
another opportunity to purchase novelties.

This time I was seduced by a scallop ruler/template
along with a heat resistant pusher for ironing.
All created and demonstrated by a highly entertaining 
Janet R. Platt

You simply place two fabrics right sides together
and outline the scallops and the pivot points.

Next you carefully sew 1/4" inside the drawn line 
and pivot each time you reach a point.

Then the drawn line becomes the line you follow to cut away the extra fabric

Carefully and accurately snip to each pivot point WITHOUT cutting through the stitches

Cut about four snips around each curve and then 
cut right down the middle of only one fabric.

Turn your scallops right side out and at each scallop insert the pusher to 
really help create and hold the scallop shape while you press with iron.

The pusher is the key to uniform, well rounded scallops !

When you've pressed all the scallops one side still has a cut slit down the middle 
( how you turned it right side out ) 
and then the other side has no cuts or markings..

Fold the scalloped strip in half lengthwise 
with the middle cut slit inside the fold.
When the scallop strip is folded both fabrics will show
so it is a nice effect to use two different fabrics.

The idea is to do many strips of the scallops 
and overlap
the strips to maybe
 cover the front of a pillow
or the yoke of a shirt
or the bottom of a skirt 
or the bottom of a curtain
or what ever floats your boat.

This scallop technique was pretty quick and easy
and someday I may need this exact thing but,honestly
 Janet R. Platt was just a really good saleswoman :)