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Friday, May 1, 2015

Introducing Iris Apfel

There is a new documentary about an interesting fashion icon:
Iris Apfel
93 years young.

Iris is part of the new Spring ad campaign for Kate Spade.
But, she made her fortune and reputation owning a textile company with her husband Carl.

Textiles also allowed Iris to travel the world and amass 
an unbelievable treasure trove of oddities and artifacts.

In fact Iris has so many unique clothes and accessories
that in 2005 the New York Metropolitan Museum did an exhibit 
of some of her  outfits with accessories.
But, she doesn't take herself or fashion too seriously.

and if you can believe it there is even a Halloween costume of her !!!

The documentary Iris is not earth shattering but,
after living for 93 years she has 
many fashion insights and observations 
that make you smile