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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Missing Missoni

So you had to be on the moon not to know that Target was doing a Missoni launch on Tuesday, Sept. 13 ( even my 80 year old dad knew about the " zig-zaggy " clothes at Target ).

I had a 2 hour afternoon break between classes so I drove to the closest Target to get me some Missoni.

Well there was ALOT of Mossimo hanging on the Missoni racks but not one single Missoni anything, anywhere in the store.

I asked a sales associate where was all the Missoni and she looked at me like I was nuts and said,

" ALL the Missoni sold out two hours after we opened ! "

Not being easily discouraged I was in Riverside County the next day and thought perhaps there hadn't been the frenzy as in oh so stylish OC.

Well I was partially correct. There were no women's clothing items but, there were some kids and bonanza ( ! ) Missoni footwear.

Since miraculously there was actually a pair of flats in my extremely common foot size I took it as a sign that I must buy the flats.

I passed on the little girl cape :)
! OMG!

The Missoni will only be stocked ( or sold out ) until October 22.

Looks like this girl just got the news!!

Feeling Blue ??

Celebrities and stylists are really jumping on the extreme, never found in nature hair colors. There have been lots of bright pink ( Pink, Katy Perry ) but, blue seems to be gaining popularity.

My only question is if blue hair severely limits your clothing selection? I mean if you already have clown hair you would have to be extremely cautious not to wear clashing colors or a clown outfit.

There were some girls with bluish hair when I was growing up but, it just meant their parents used too much chlorine in their swimming pools :)

Celebrities are not the only ones feeling blue.

These pics are of regular ( ? ) folks out and about...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Designer Spots

Marc Jacobs is having alot of fun with dots, spots and circles ( oh my! ). And so can you...