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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Chalk One Up to Chalk Paint

Somewhere I read about an amazing
new paint product called Chalk Paint.
The article claimed the paint adhered to any type of surface
with no primer necessary.
The next time I was strolling along Cedros Ave in Solano Beach, CA
one of my most favorite, funky stores had a sign in the window;
" We have chalk paint "
I went right in and purchased small containers of the primary colors.

The shop owner loves this stuff and had A LOT of wooden and upholstered furniture she had painted with the chalk paint. The brand she loves is 

CeCe Caldwell Chalk Paint

The paint is made from clay, porcelain clay and chalk.
It comes in a huge variety of colors.
No chemicals or VOC or odor.
And is water based so clean up is easy, breezy.

I purchased a leather belt at a thrift store to test this wonder paint.
A belt bends and endures a lot of surface friction.
If the chalk paint didn't crack, flake or rub off then that would be...
pretty wonderful!

I just started painting random doodles and quickly realized the colors do not mix well.
Mixed colors were very muddy with a brown undertone.
Definitely better to buy the colors you want; but, I was happy with my red, yellow and blue.

I also embellished with  green and purple fabric paint pens.

The look wasn't quite what I wanted so I got a black fabric pen and did some outlining.

When I had doodled my way across the entire belt I sealed the paint with an 
aerosol leather shoe stain repellent and let dry for hours.

Front View
The amazing chalk paint adhered beautifully in one coat,
It's not cracking, flaking or rubbing off.

Back view
My plain leather thrift store belt is now Cinderella and ready for the ball !