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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Spot for Fabric Maniacs

Well if you can't get enough of fabulous fabrics word on the street is that there's a new store in town...

It's called the Sewing Party and it's located in Laguna Hills in an industrial area. A fellow fabric enthusiast emailed me the info and the web site for the store which is to your right under "New Store in OC". She actually visited the store and said it was aimed at quilters, but lots of cute fabrics (probably mainly cottons I would imagine). She also said there are lots of great project ideas (can anyone say holidays...)

The store has an 'open sew night' when you bring your machine and projects and sew!
Sounds like a fun concept and when I visit the store myself I'll add any info. In the meantime check out their website.

I visited the Sewing Party store on Wednesday, Oct 28, after class and is it ever cute! LOTS and LOTS of great cotton print fabrics at $9 a yard. In the back room LOTS of fabric at half price.
The store is primarily oriented towards quilters but there are LOTS of purse patterns and a nice selection of purse handles.
I would definitely rate this store worth a visit. It is actually in the location of the old Yarn Lady store off Commerce behind furniture row in Lake Forest.