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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

OMG! Super NEW Fabric Warehouse

Early Wednesday I had to drive someone to LAX but, I noticed that a new fabric warehouse was finally open off the 405 freeway off Euclid. Of course what really caught my eye was the offer of "free fabric". Upon my return trip to South OC I stopped by the fabric superstore. It is a Dorell Fabric outlet and Dorell advertises that it has been in business since 1934. It has a very LA vibe but, how smart of them to locate in OC. The store is HUGE, Costco size, and laid out in a very coherent color themed way. The fabric is all home dec fabric on rolls 54" to 60" wide. It starts with cotton prints then moves into 'upholstery fabric' with very little fabric content information. Prices are also pretty darn good ranging from $9.99 per yard for most all of the cotton prints to $12.99 - $16.99 per yard for most of the upholstery fabric and $19.99 per yard for the ultra suede ( which is quite a savings I think ).

The selection of fabrics, weaves and colors was UNBELIEVABLE. I truly think it would be impossible to not find something you liked. I just wanted to make a dozen different garments out of this home dec fabric. However I know from experience that many home dec fabrics do not launder well so I resisted my fabric-aholic impulse. But, man oh man did I find LOTS of fabric that would make the cutest skirts, my personal passion!!

This is a giant warehouse that has no notions ( ie. threads, zippers, etc. ) but, it has some fantastic trims that include amazing fringes, tassels, and cording. Everything needed for some seriously great pillows!

Then there is a HUGE selection of pillow forms ( even down pillow forms ) at fantastic prices. This is really a superstore for interior decorators.

AND there is a serious WALL of ultra seude. I have never seen such a selection in one place. I counted approximately 96 ( !! ) ultra seude colors each priced at $19.99 a yard. The selection is truly mind-boggling.

So after perusing the GIANT warehouse fabric store I finally stumbled upon the advertised FREE FABRIC!! It was in a bin by the cash register and no one was around so I couldn't ask if you had to make a purchase to take the free fabric so I just took a fabric that I liked. You can see by the final photo that the free pieces were very large! I will be returning to Dorell Fabric Outlet to purchase fabric and probably a couple pillow forms, at least to use with my free fabric:)