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Saturday, December 26, 2009


Lacis didn't have just one of anything; there were mind boggling supplies and vintage examples of everything!! Bobbin lace,tatting, millinery, corsets, purses, gloves, silk ribbons, books, notions, knitting, patterns, etc., etc., etc. Seriously plan on spending at least one hour in this store if you like any almost extinct hand sewing skills.

Lacis Musuem of Lace and Textiles

My well informed friend Meredith told me if I was going to Berkeley I should check out "Lacis" on the corner of Adelaine and Abbey (??). This place is aptly called a store AND a museum. Upon entering it took about 5 minutes just to absorb the greatness of it all...

Another fabric store find!

Two enthusiastic thumbs up for Stone Mountain & Daughters Fine Fabric store in Berkeley.

Everywhere I looked was a great idea just waiting to be purchased and created. I limited myself to a great knit print and a great yarn dyed woven with a unique selvedge that can be used for a hem. I broke my rule and purchased these fabrics even though I have about 4 projects cut and waiting to be sewn at home :(

The next day I was in Berkeley looking for Stonemountain Daughter fabric store on Shattuck Ave. This store knocked my socks off!! Great selection of fabrics, books, yarns, notions, you name it and they probably have it.


You really have to see these quilts to believe how each one was so beautiful and unique.


Okay, I'd been driving for like 6 hours to get here so I'm a little goofy in this photo. But, it was definitley worth the stop.
The San Jose Quilt Museum was the first stop on a three day journey. The Crazy Quilt exhibit was fantastic!! The quilts were from the 1880s and the craftmanship was unbelievable. What women accomplished before TV and chaos is remarkable.