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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Faberge at Bowers Museum

Of course the name Faberge is synonymous with beautiful, bejeweled, enameled eggs and this exhibit at Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, CA does not disappoint. The eggs are mostly from the early 1900s and the level of craftsmanship is quite awe inspiring. All the symmetry and intricate designs were created long before computers or specialized   equipment existed to mass produce such works of art. There are so many cheap knock-offs now it is hard to appreciate the unique labor intensive piece of art that is each egg.
I find the intricate patterns and color combinations quite inspiring for fashion.

Easter was a very important religious event for the Russian Royal families and the eggs were created as gifts. It is wonderful that so many have survived through the centuries.

This egg was completed in 1917 and the XB is a symbol for Christ is Risen.

As pretty as the eggs and other jewels were the real breath taking item was an incredible diamond tiara. The middle pear shaped diamond alone is 8.3 carats.
I think wearing this tiara would make any outfit look like a million bucks!

If wishes could come true...

I loved ALL the wonderful bejeweled items that Faberge created for the Russian Royal families and aside from eventually being murdered by the Bolsheviks I think I might have enjoyed being part of the royal family.