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Einstein made the very important observation that " Imagination is more important than knowledge ".

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rodarte:Fra Angelico Collection

To escape all the holiday crowds I went to LACMA to view the Rodarte:Fra Angelico Collection. Rodarte is the fashion label created in 2005 by the sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy. The sisters donated their 2012 Couture Spring/Summer collection to LACMA because they were inspired by the high Italian Renaissance. Specifically by Bernini's sculpture Ecstasy of Saint Teresa and the art work of Fra Angelico in the San Marco Monastery in Florence Italy.

The 9 gowns on display are all silk:






and taffeta.

Lots of pleats, feathers, lace, sequins and swarovski.

But, to be completely honest I was a little under-whelmed :(
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to ME!!!!!!!!!!

After fourteen years of not having a sewing studio I undertook the huge task of turning a former tiffany blue bedroom into my creative oasis.

And the first step was to paint, or I should say paint primer once, twice, three times to cover the blue.

As I painted I dreamt of the furnishings and accessories I pictured in my perfect room.

I realised with a ALOT of work and a little help from Santa my vision could become a reality.

My redo project became my Christmas present to myself.

After inhaling too much paint fumes I spent days of my life visiting discount home furnishing stores deciding on my furnishings. And I spent HOURS at Ikea selcting my studio furniture...

Did I want funky, industrial, whimsical or practical for my look?

I decided on practical and thought the hard work was done until I opened the Ikea boxes and faced the daunting task of assembling a million pieces into my desk!!!

And multiple the Ikea experience by two for the cubicles on wheels and the shelves.

You may think I am just another pretty face but, I am actually pretty darn handy with a hammer and screwdriver.

So after MUCH hammering, painting, shopping, shopping, ( and did I mention shopping ) I moved all my STUFF into my sewing studio.

I gathered my books from the bookshelf I installed in my laundry room, my notions from the garage, my fabrics and interfacings from the linen closet, my machines from the office, and still something was missing...


A wonderful, happy, safe new year to you all.