Thought for a lifetime

Einstein made the very important observation that " Imagination is more important than knowledge ".

Saturday, January 11, 2014

What are the designers thinking ?!?

I understand that designers must think outside the box
 and be innovative but,
 sometimes I think they're too far out of the box.

This weird Hawaiian print by Prada is just gaudy.

Dior actually put this strange dress in their window at
South Coast Plaza.

Wondering who these glasses are by ? 
Don't you recognize Coco Chanel on the frame. 
If these weren't actually in the Chanel store in Waikiki I would think they were a joke 
( luckily guard was looking at his shoes so I could snap a picture ).

As a fashion instructor students often ask me design questions
and I tell them
if a designer does it it's brilliant and if a student does the same thing it's not.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lucky Find; F & S Fabrics in LA

10629 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90064
 I spotted this F & S Fabrics in LA a few months back and finally returned to check it out.

The entire outside of the building is covered in wonderful,
trompe l' oeil murals…

and the multiple interior rooms are filled to bursting with incredible selections of textiles, 

an entire wall of thousands of buttons,

and a room devoted completely to trims; my current obsession.

F&S is not a discount fabric store. 
It is where you go when what you want is more important than what it cost.

And beware: there are currently three F & S stores on Pico.
10654 West Pico is Home Dec fabrics
10629 West Pico is the Apparel fabrics
and across the street from the apparel fabric store is the most amazing sale!!!

F & S Fabrics is remodeling this small storefront across from their apparel fabric store and
all the decorator fabrics are $5 a yard !!!

and these fabrics are top of the line, beautiful wide fabrics basically for drapery and upholstery. 
But, most of the fabrics may also be used for many, many, many other purposes.

I valiantly fought the temptation of the beautiful 5$ fabrics wanting to be purchased and added to my ever growing, overwhelming pile of projects…

but alas, I was no match for the incredible selection and phenomenal price and left with 8 yards of gorgeous fabrics.

This sale is predicted to end by January 17th, 2014.
Call 310 558-4439 to be sure the store is still open.

10571 Pico Blvd 
One last suggestion is lunch at Food. It is literally 2 blocks away from F & S and delicious.