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Einstein made the very important observation that " Imagination is more important than knowledge ".

Friday, August 8, 2014

Costume College 2014

The real focus and benefit of attending Costume college is the 
AMAZING quantity and variety of classes.

There were 50 classes to choose from on Friday,
50 different classes to choose from on Saturday
and Sunday another 56 unique costuming classes.

Numerous classes had limited enrollment and pre-registration is required. 
These classes also had a limit to the number of students allowed to enroll.

However, there are also dozens of classes that did not require any pre-registration 
and were open to all.

The 10 classes that I succeeded in attending over my two days at Costume College were all terrific. 

Mr. Perry Bret Ash shared his tips on making ruffs while wearing a very accurate historical costume.
( yes, that's a codpiece )

A handsome ruff that was worn around the neck.

One of my favorite classes was a limited enrollment class on Mucha Headdresses 
taught by Jessica Cohen.
 Students brought their own supplies and the results were pretty fantastic.


Laura Rubin looked like she stepped out of 
Vermeer's famous Girl with the Pearl Earring painting 
while she taught how to create a sturdy leather thimble.


Jess Miller demonstrated on students her tips and experience on creating masks from plaster bandages

And I attended a fascinating lecture on La Chemise a la Reine given by Sarah Lorraine.
The chemise really became notoriously popular by Marie Antoinette. 
Sarah is focusing on the chemise for her PhD so the depth and range of her knowledge was 
mind boggling interesting.

And honestly just as interesting as the classes were the wonderful outfits worn randomly by students.

You never knew what era or silhouette would walk by.

And some of the costumes were fantasy figures that are well loved.  
Hello Little Mermaid.

Hello White Rabbit

And some of the costumes were just fantastically original ( or I just didn't know the character ).

Attending Costume College has been a goal for a few years 
and I am deliriously happy I finally made it.

The class selection was incredible and covered an amazing assortment of topics.

I definitely hope to attend Costume College 2015.
But, I think I will always prefer making costumes to wearing costumes.