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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Where is Jason Wu??

So this morning I drove to my local Target store shortly after the store opened to view the Jason Wu launch...
and once again I was totally disappointed.
Not because hoards of female had camped out and beat me to the collection BUT, because where was Jason Wu????
There was no  frenzy, no posters, no cute dresses??? Had I gotten the date wrong???

I inquired "Where is Jason Wu??"

The Target employee informed that their store was not deemed worthy of launching the line and the closest Target that would be launching the Jason Wu line was about 40 minutes away!!! The 3 closest Targets to my house did not even rate launching the line. Seriously!?!
So maybe I'll eventually find some Jason Wu and maybe not.
Once again I have the overwhelming feeling that like all previous Target launches it will all be sold out before I ever even find a store that stocked it.