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Einstein made the very important observation that " Imagination is more important than knowledge ".

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Made it My Way

This extremely green peplum top was irresistible on the sale rack at Anthropologie. 
I loved the fit, the lace, the silhouette...everything but the overwhelming green.

Thought about tea dying to soften the green but, was afraid it may just turn an even more jarring muddy color. Finally decided to change out the sleeves ( my newest obsession ).


After placing a safety pin where the sleeve cap lined up with the shoulder seam I then carefully removed the sleeves and I had the perfect pattern for new black sleeves. 
( In Los Angeles I had found a wonderful polished cotton/linen (?) that really looks like leather )
Sleeve caps are asymmetrical so I folded the fabric on the lengthwise grain ( the stability of the lengthwise grain will also help prevent sagging elbows ) and traced the shape of the front sleeve cap and then traced the back sleeve cap on other side of the side of the fold adding seam allowance.

After unfolding the fabric I double checked the measurement and marked where the sleeve cap lined up with the shoulder seam. It is usually about 1" towards the front from the middle of the sleeve cap.

Cut the sleeves out so there was a left sleeve and a right sleeve, sewed the sleeve seam and then basted the correct sleeve into the correct armhole. Tried on the top to be certain sleeve cap was not tilted too far forward or back and then used a permanent stitch to secure each sleeve...

and the top was just not pleasing.
Somehow I needed to bring the black INTO the green.

So I decided to outline a few of the lace flowers with a machine sewn black satin stitch because I am not good at hand embroidery.
Selected the flowers and then pinned and hand basted the lace to the lining fabric. But, the machine foot  massively interfered with seeing the flower outline so I had the great idea of tracing the flower with a black fabric marker. 
Problem solved :)

I am very happy with the final result of my never-ending quest to change the appearance of my irresistible sale item.
And if you're wondering what happened to the lovely green lace sleeves well...

I told you changing sleeves on my clothing is becoming an obsession!!  

Sunday, October 20, 2013

LifeTime Leather

I have a confession: 
My wardrobe borders on excessive. 
The only new acquisitions I am interested in must be either unique, practical, funky or one-of-a-kind treasures.
When I stumbled upon master leather smith Kye Rorie IV on the streets of San Francisco his gorgeous hand tooled leather goods fit all my criteria. 

Plus I adore old hippies. 
They just make my heart sing.

 Mr. Rorie has been working with leather for decades. His tools, know-how and love of his craft were inspiring. It was a real pleasure to make his acquaintance.

The beautiful one-of-a-kind leather belt I selected from the large inventory was custom fit to my size.
And a phenomenal deal at $35 !

I'm lovin' my new belt because it is a hand-made piece of Americana.
And it's beautiful.