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Einstein made the very important observation that " Imagination is more important than knowledge ".

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Antique Button Ring

A few weeks ago my path crossed with an antique button seller.
I could not resist about half a dozen of the old buttons just because they were so cool.
Somewhere I saw an image of a ring that I thought looked like a big button...

Step number one for my button ring was to find the same size cylinder as my finger. I simply tried a ring on lots of stuff until it fit this nail polish top perfectly. 

I already had this fine gauge gold tone wire that I'm pretty sure I purchased at a hardware store. 
And of course one of my antique buttons.

Step number two was to feed the wire through the button and around the nail polish top three times for strength. I also used pliers to pull the wire snugly so ring would be a good fit for my finger.

I twisted one end of the wire to secure the ring circle shape and the other wire end I left very long ( about 14" ) and wrapped it tightly around and around and around and around the ring circle shape.
I think wrapping the wire makes the ring look much, much better, makes the ring more comfortable, and prevents wire from snagging clothes and hair.

And tadah !
My antique button ring looks as pretty on the inside as it does on my finger.
A fashion accessory success story:)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

7th Annual Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design

The Los Angeles
Fashion Institute of Design and Manufacturing ( FIDM ) Museum 
is exhibiting over 100 costumes from  15 television shows.
The exhibit started July 30th and will end October 19th.
And it is free to the public.

It is always interesting to examine textiles, embellishments, and design details up close. 
Also, the variety of costumes from different eras, fantasies, comedies and extremes makes one realize just how challenging, inventive and fun it must be to create costumes.
It is also interesting how statuesque ( or not! ) many of the actors really are 

Game of Thrones on HBO
The costumes were impressive but, the displays were a little bleak. 
In past years more effort was put into the set around the costumes.
And there are no pics of the costumes online and no information handout with the exhibit. 
Of course it is free.
Michael Douglas as Liberace in Behind the Candelabra on HBO

The seven costumes on display for Behind the Candelabra were over the top! 
No small surprise costume designer Ellen Mirojnick is nominated for the Best Costume Design Emmy
Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley on Downtown Abbey on PBS
 Photos of any kind are strictly forbidden and it was impossible to sneak even one! 
The no photo rule seems so ridiculous since all the costumes are already on TV. 
 The highlight of the exhibit was the 16 costumes from Downtown Abbey featuring the entire Lady Mary wedding ensembles for the main characters.
I love the early 1900's costumes from Downtown Abbey mainly for the amazing, wonderful hats.

Fortunately ( or unfortunately ) FIDM is only a few blocks from the fabric district and I could not resist a visit to my favorite treasure hunt fabric discount store, 
Michael Levines The Loft.

And although I have 50,000,000 projects, ideas and tasks these fabrics were irresistible!

Across the street at the regular Michael Levines fabric store I also spent over an hour selecting trims for a variety of real and potential projects.

I think all those hats and costumes at the exhibit were just a little too inspiring!