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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Red Carpet at The Time Traveler's Gala

Costumer's Guild West, Inc. began Costume College in 2006.
It has only taken me 8 years to finally attend the four night and three day extravaganza
that was July 31 to August 3 in Los Angeles !

There were parties, classes, exhibits, marketplace, photo gallery, 
portrait studio, tours and epic people watching.

And the people watching not to be missed was the red carpet 
leading to the Saturday night gala...

the party of parties; the Time Traveler's Gala.

The party had sold out months earlier and every guest was dressed impeccably.

Straight from the pages of Little Women ?

What is amazing is that almost every garment is made by the attendees 
after intense research to be as period accurate as possible.

Where is boarding for the Titanic ?

From their hats to their shoes to their hair to the haberdashery, 
they brought costume history to life.

George Washington is our friend.

looking for the Gangs of New York
 Not everyone went for strict historical references.
Humor and imagination were also on display.

Nightmare Before Christmas...after Christmas, during Christmas ??
And how fun would it be to actually find a kindred spirit 
who also enjoys becoming someone else for an evening.

In person she really resembled Queen Elizabeth, right down to the wave.

There were also a couple astonishing look a-likes...

Her resemblance to Wallis Simpson was amazing

No idea who he is or what type of soldier, but he made a big impression.

A continuos parade of delightful, amazing sewing skills.

Do not ignore the fantastic hairpieces and hats !

A hobbit ?
And all hundred+ guests had fun being the center of attention.
Some guests had extra fun...

Ready for her close-up

Has anyone seen my friend Mary Poppins ?

A subtle advertisement for their wig business *note ad on top of their heads LOL
Everyone had a GREAT time watching AND walking the red carpet 
to the Time Traveler's Gala 
at the 2014 Costume College

Cavalcade of Costumes at Costume College 2014

The Costume College experience just kept getting better and better.

 I was already in shock and awe at the fabulous costumes seen randomly 
 wandering about at Costume College, then there was also
 The Cavalcade of Costume Exhibit

A banquet room full of dozens of complete costumes and accessories.
Many, many created by Costume Guild members and many items historical artifacts.

Every item had a wonderful description and the collections were amazing.

So many fantastic vintage hats that I actually got a little giddy :)

The garments were delightfully period correct right down to the shoes.

 Unless it was a complete fantasy outfit.
The imagination and techniques used in the fantasy outfits were impressive.

This collection and exhibit of historical, fantastical and imaginative costumes was almost... overwhelming.

I easily took 100 pictures to try and capture the creativity, beauty and wonder of this exhibit.