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Monday, January 23, 2012

A Really BIG Show

Last week I attended the opening day of the Road to California quilt show at Ontario Convention Center with my award winning awesome quilter mom.
This is about the fourth quilt show I've blogged on and honestly every show is better than the last.
What most of these artists have done with fabric makes you stop and marvel. I do not quilt but, after fighting the crowds for four hours my head was spinning with ideas to incorporate into garments.
So sit back, relax and I'll share a few of the highlights...

 Okay, so I know it's a quilt show but, seriously the three dimensional cloth figures were show stoppers. There just isn't anything else to say.

Fabulous Faces

 And while the cloth figures delighted me- faces are always my favorite thingI love looking at people's faces and capturing that human quality in any one dimensional medium ( ie., paint, chalk, pencil, cloth, etc ) is a talent I very much admire.
Of course I laughed when I saw the Jack Nicholson quilt but was quite awed by the workmanship involved in creating all the shadows and highlights with individual pieces of cloth.
At least those fabrics pieces were solid colors unlike the boy and girl faces. These faces are composed entirely of  small pieces of patterned fabrics!! It is truly unbelievable

Bright Ideas

Along with fabulous faces another innovation used by the artists for their cloth extravaganza were colors brighter than I ever remember in the decades I've been attending shows with my mom.
And what a photo cannot adequately display is that each color is a separate piece of  fabric sewn together to create these giant  (  approx.5'X6' ) cloth masterpieces.
I have trouble deciding on two fabrics to mix and match for a garment. The patience and vision required to complete projects so very large with so many small details is truly awe inspiring.

...and the winners are

So throw out your narrow ideas of what quilters are doing these days-these are definite fiber artists with skills and concepts that boggle the mind.
Even when the quilts are 'traditional' the results are amazing.