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Monday, February 8, 2016

A Week of Wonders; Zapotec, Cochineal, Apparel and more!

In one week I experienced an information tsunami of 

First up was a fifth generation Zapotec weaver named Antonio Mendoza.

Raised in a weaving family in Oaxaca he has mastered the ancient skills and recipes 
to create 100% natural dyes that are unbelievably vivid and beautiful.

Antonio uses his beautifully dyed wool yarns to weave the most amazing patterns.

His work is in museums and art galleries.

Antonio has a wonderful imagination and such 
passion for his art.
I fell in love with this gorgeous dusty rose colored 
weaving and had to have it.

Antonio told me the secret to the rose color 
is cream of tarter mixed with the red from 
cochineal bug.

Antonio knows lots of dye secrets...

And as luck would have it 
the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana 
currently has a wonderful exhibit

 The Red That Colored the World

all about…the cochineal bug!

No photos were allowed inside the exhibit of 
over 100 objects, textiles, sculptures, paintings,
manuscripts, art, clothing, etc.
all colored by the amazing little 
cochineal bug.

In the 16th century Spaniards discovered the amazing 
red dye created from the cochineal 
by the Aztecs in Mexico.

The vivd red dye was highly prized 
and brought riches and prestige 
to Spain.

The range of reds created from the cochineal is impressive. 

Next up was a day at Orange Coast College spent listening to 
fashion industry insiders speaking on…fashion!

The pressure was on to dress fashionably.

After enjoying the artistry of Antonio and history of the cochineal it was 
a stark difference listening to the successes and strategies of the fashion industry.

However it was encouraging that one of the speakers spoke
about how the fashion industry is beginning to be held accountable 
for it's impact on the environment.

And it's happening because of consumers. 

And then I attended the Imprinted Sportswear Show at 
Long Beach Convention Center.
The show was a little mind boggling.

Big business, big bucks, big manufacturing and so, so, so much product.

 Every booth was saturated with color and designs and lots of it.

It is a national show with the slogan

Everything you need to grow your decorated apparel business and more

The vendors were all about more, more, more.

And I realized I had come full circle from the beginning
of the week meeting an artist continuing ancient skills
to big manufacturers promoting the newest, amazing

What a week!