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Einstein made the very important observation that " Imagination is more important than knowledge ".

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Vintage Books

I cannot resist old books on sewing.
And this weekend I hit a motherlode.

Purchased at Friends of the Newport Beach library
 My newest skill I am trying to master is ribbon flowers!
Published 1999 and beautiful, well diagrammed steps

Found on an upstairs, back shelf at Piecemakers

This author, Claire B. Shaeffer, is my favorite sewing guru and I don't even have to look inside to know the information is outstanding.
Published 1997

Again, upstairs back shelf at Piecemakers

If the book is by Vogue the quality of the information is usually fantastic.
This 510 page tome was published in 1980

Upstairs, back shelf at Piecemakers

I am so excited about this Vogue book!
Fitting skills are invaluable and every book has different techniques.
Published 1984

Again, found at Piecemakers, 

This book is very simplistic and I almost didn't buy it but, then I looked at the publishing information and had to have it just for the historic reference.

I confess I have many, many, many, many books on a very narrow range of topics.
Every time I am contemplating or beginning a new undertaking I will pull all my relevant books and look up techniques and design ideas.

My books are my best friends.