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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Scoop from the Craft & Hobby Trade Show to Dye for...

This began its day as a plain nylon synthetic ribbon.
It was cut, folded and then...
I dip dyed it into these beautiful colors!!
But wait!
Synthetics cannot just be dip dyed to such vibrant colors ??
Well starting this April, 2015
Rit Dye will start selling an amazing product that will easily dye synthetics.
 The only important requirement for success with synthetics is that the dye pot is hot.
That's it; no dye activator, no setting the dye, no prep, no fuss.
Why did I get the opportunity to pre-game this amazing product ???
Because I got an invite to the Craft & Hobby Association Winter Convention and Trade Show
at the Anaheim Convention Center.
There were 100+ vendors of the biggest names in arts and crafts 
that all were showcasing zillions of products...
The Rit Dye booth was my favorite.

And of course after my success at the synthetic dye I had to try the traditional Rit dye.
There were wooden beads to string into necklaces or bracelets
and then 8 different dye pots to choose from to transform the plain wood beads.
The dye pots for natural items do not have to be hot and 
again the dyes do not have to be set after the item is dyed.
I had no idea Rit dyes were so easy !!!
I'm dying to dye more...
stay tuned