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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

All Saints window display: Sew Sad

If you have ever passed an All Saints store you would remember because apparently their permanent window display at ALL stores is ceiling to floor old, vintage sewing machines!
The first store I chanced upon was in Union Square, San Francisco last year and the sewing machine display compelled me to enter the store and ask how all the machines were acquired. The helpful sales staff informed me that the machines are found and purchased every way possible; online, antique dealers, etc.

I thought the San Francisco store was unique until last weekend when once again I passed an All Saints store in Cabazon, CA with a huge window display FULL of machines, easily over 100. It makes me a little sad that these machines that were a vital, necessary, life enhancing tool for women are now just for decoration.
I know, I know, women who sew now have sleek new computer machines, but still...

The only positive about the machine display is that perhaps it makes consumers stop and think for a moment that ALL clothing is SEWN on machines. Consumers seem so detached from product reality.

And ps.- the All Saints clothes is just the same old stuff.