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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where a Wild Hair Will Take You...

I had been feeling very restless and uninspired by fabrics I was finding at OC fabric stores ( read Joann's Fabrics ) so Friday about noon I decided quite spontaneously to drive to LA.
After some serious traffic delays, a firetruck closing some lanes, crazy drivers and a little luck I arrived in downtown about 2pm.
First stop is always Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising at 9th and Grand for two compelling reasons:
1. I know by heart the directions to get there
2. Cheap parking lot near by
( OOps, three reasons )
AND the main reason is the Scholarship Store with all fabric priced at $1 a yard...

The Scholarship Store at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising is a total hit and miss experience. The fabrics are in a narrow hall in the back by the dressing rooms and the fabrics are whatever is donated. Also, the students at FIDM obviously probably nab anything great that makes it to the store BUT, I have found beautiful woolens and trims at ridiculous prices.
This trip the pickings were extremely slim and I recognized alot of bathing suit lycra that had been there my last visit months ago.
However at $1 a yard I scrounged around and found the striped knit and crazy blue knit that were nice quality. Then as the girl was cutting the knits I spotted the white gauze with the really pretty embroidery and sequins ( yes there are sequins but, I swear they're subtle ) and grabbed a couple yards of that.
So the knits are 60" wide and the gauze is 45" and I got VERY generous 1 1/2 yards of each for a whopping total for all three fabrics of $4.50. I am definitely satisfied with my purchases.

LA Fabric District

After FIDM I walked the few blocks down 9th until I reached Maple. This is where ALOT of fabric stores are located and smack in the middle of Maple is Michael Levine. A must stop on any fabric hunt.
The prices are just okay but, the selection of fabrics is impressive. From leather hides to oilcloth to Liberty of London to buttons, notions, etc, etc, etc you will probably find it at Michael Levine.

The Loft

Hidden up the stairs, directly across the street from Micheal Levine is the Loft. The sign on the elevator says it all.
Fabric is sold by weight at the unbelievable price of $2 per pound.

Boxes of Treasure

This is what you find when you reach the top of the stairs. A large room full of boxes of random fabrics. No rhyme or reason, just lots and lots of fabrics different sizes, textures, weaves, colors, all jumbled together in overflowing boxes.
Truly a treasure hunt. The lady in front of me had huge yardage of knit, velvet, animal print that was awesome.
And they will cut the fabric if you don't want the whole piece.
I don't think you can beat this price but, you never know what you'll find...

2.6 Llbs of Fabric

This is what 2.6 pounds of fabric looks like...
An amazing steal of 3 1/2 yards of 60" wide beautiful polished cotton in green ( for a test fit jacket ) and 2 1/2 yards of 60" wide off white for the second jacket.
There was so much fabric to dig through that it was a GOOD thing I was short on time.
Oh yeah, at $2 a pound the entire fabric purchase cost me $5.60


I actually spent ( time wise ) only 2 hours shopping downtown but, leaving at 4pm AND getting on a different freeway than I intended ( so technically I was not lost ) AND having to stop for gas AND mind-numbing traffic, the drive home took 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!
Trip tip: leave LA before 3pm, know how to get to the correct freeway and have gas in your car