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Monday, April 8, 2013

Frilly & Fast Hair Fashion

This is an idea from a product I saw at the Free People store in South Coast Plaza.
I couldn't take a picture but, I certainly could easily replicate it :)

I had so much light-weight scarf fabric left from my earlier project that I could cut a nice 32" X 10" rectangle.

In my household junk box ( spare knobs, nails, hooks, etc ) I found this wire. I think it may be speaker wire. The wire is the right size,  bends SUPER easily, and is coated in plastic. Perfect.

I folded the fabric rectangle right sides together ( now it measured 5" X 32" ) and sewed a 1/4" seam down one long side creating a tube. Next I sewed a line of stitching parallel  to the fold and 1/4" away from the fold. This creates the casing for the wire to be inserted into.

I turned my fabric rectangle which is now a tube right side out and inserted the wire which was cut to a length of 31".  Next the open short  ( 5" ) ends of the tube were folded in and edgestitched down. This finished the ends nicely and prevents the wire from falling out.

And that's all folks!
Wrap the thing around your head and twist the wire ends together and it is really secure on your head.
The twisted end looks kinda like a bow but, trust me it's super easy to make and a feminine frilly touch to your spring wardrobe :)