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Einstein made the very important observation that " Imagination is more important than knowledge ".

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Double the Fun

So these super cute twin sisters made these super cute sun dresses for a super fun time at the Stagecoach concert this weekend in the sunny hot desert.

Avalon's blue denim dress is a Cynthia Rowley pattern for Simplicity( #2250 )and has LOTS of seams, pleats and darts in the bodice that make for a great fit. And don't forget that cute bow in the back.

Jourdan's white eyelet dress is McCalls M6111 and fast and fun to sew. No zippers, buttons or closures, it gets it shape from the straps that tie in the back. Jourdan lined hers and it looks just like the one on the pattern! And again a cute bow in the back.

There's only one word for the work these FASH100 students did- SUPER!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


First a little backstory; last year Mission Viejo had some donated gowns that were unusable for their cause. I said Saddleback would love the gowns and in January OC high schoolers came to Saddleback and selected gowns to be ReDesigned and entered in a competition at the Fashion 'a La Mode event in March at Saddleback. Fashion 'a La Mode and the ReDesigns were a HUGEMONGOUS success!!! And now Mission Viejo is hosting a giant annual art event on April 30th at the gorgeous Norman Murray Center and were delighted to have the ReDesign garments displayed in the Sycamore wing. I LOVE putting up displays and if you get the chance stop by and check it out. The display should be up until May 6th.

It was a very ingenious method to display the garments. There was a track and cables that hooked into the track with little hooks on the cables that could be adjusted. I painstakingly hung the sleeveless gowns from the rods with invisible thread ( you're seeing the cables in the photos ). It seriously took 5 minutes to thread the needle each time because the thread is like fishing line-seriously invisible! I was muttering and saying profanities under my breath but, the end result was worth it because the garments looked great.

All nine ReDesign entries were displayed along with 'Before' photos and Saddleback fashion posters. All the people coming and going were very impressed with the garments and surprised they were completed by high school students. It was easy to spot the old ladies who loved fashion, they all fondled the fabrics!

There was also a display case that I filled with Saddleback fashion class information. Hopefully there will be lots of teenagers that will view the display during Arts Alive and get interested in classes but, if next semester you end up sitting next to a old lady, now you know why :)

Tick Tock...

So after spending a delightful afternoon at the BEAUTIFUL Mission Viejo Norman Murray Center putting up the ReDesign exhibit and meeting some WONDERFUL oldsters exiting excercise classes I started thinking...'when do you start being old ?' Is it in your spirit or your appearance ? I decided to head home and immediately address the appearance aspect...