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Einstein made the very important observation that " Imagination is more important than knowledge ".

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Is It Fashion ??

Grabbed this off Instagram 
and guess what this girl is wearing in a most original way...



Monday, April 6, 2015


I was lucky to travel to New York City in March 
even more lucky to make it to FIT and view 
some fantastic, free exhibits.

The three exhibits included;

 a wonderful collection of Lauren Bacall's iconic gowns and dresses,
an extremely interesting informative exhibit.

And a fascinating history of 
authorized and unauthorized copies of fashions.
Innovative insights into how
designers dealt with knock-offs.

But, the main exhibit was an exciting comparison and contrast 
of French designer Yves Saint Laurent 
and American designer Halston
during the momentous 1970s

A giant timeline highlighted the accomplishments and intersection of
 Halston and Yves Saint Laurent during the 1970s.

So many, many interesting facts of their burgeoning design careers.

But, the timeline was just a tease because 
next was an incredible collection of 
incredibly beautiful clothing...

that is just as wearable today
as in the 1970s when these 
designers created them.

The green and fuchsia printed silk crepe pajama set was from 
the 1970 Saint Laurent Rive Gauche collection

The blue printed crepe de chine pajama set
was by Halston in 1976.

Both of these tie-dyed silk chiffon pajama sets
are from 1970 designed by Halston.

A beautiful black silk jersey jumpsuit from 1976 by Halston

A red silk jersey dress from the 1974 Saint Laurent Rive Gauche collection

And the most beautiful off-white silk satin evening dress
by Yves Saint Laurent circa 1978

The exhibit is not a complete retrospective
nor a survey of 1970s fashions.

Instead it is a glimpse at the exciting, 
creative, color, drama and fantasy
of two brilliant designers.

The exhibit runs from February 6 - April 18, 2015