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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Finders and Keepers; Super Buzzy and French General

Discovered two GREAT  sewing stores in So Cal this month !!

One was Super Buzzy on Main Street in Ventura

The other amazing store was French General in Los Angeles 

superbuzzy, 1794 East Main Street, Ventura, CA 93001

Super Buzzy has a fantastic selection of; 
unique, beautiful Japanese fabrics,
Japanese crafting supplies. 
lots of purse/bag making items and patterns,
notions, dyes, books,
ribbons, ribbons, ribbons
AND felting supplies !! 

Many items I have never seen before and I throughly enjoyed the 90 minutes looking
at every aisle and item in the store.
Plus, being a privately owned store the owner and her lovely family were present 
and eager to answer all my questions of
  " what's this ? "

French General 2009 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90039

French General is a few blocks from Dodger Stadium 
in a part of Los Angeles called Frogtown.

This store is as far from a traditional retail store as possible.
It is an epic treasure hunt of 
vintage buttons, ribbons, trims, 
papers, quilting supplies, fabrics,
 notions, horseshoes, misc antique items,
and zillions of old apothecary jars full of beads, beads and beads.

French General has its roots on the East Coast
started by Kari Meng and her sister Molly. 
More than a store they wanted to share their wonderful finds
from France and England.
And an important goal is creating an inspiring workspace
so there is a wonderful selection of classes and activities.

You must ring the bell to be admitted into this 
wonderland of inspiration.
And be prepared to spend some time
if you want to search every nook and niche 
at the wonderfully original French General.

Here is what I could not resist at Super Buzzy;
fabric, felting supplies, buttons and a unique seam ripper from Japan

French General has the best branding I have ever encountered...
everything is beautiful from the products to the store displays
to the packaging. 
I could not resist buttons, ribbons and jewelry bits.

The two things that Super Buzzy and French General share 
are  female proprietors that love their stores, fabulous cute exteriors
and wonderful unique items inside 
( oops three things ! ) 

I would definitely describe these two stores as destinations.
Generic items may not be found but, 
with an open mind you may find treasures you didn't even know you wanted !!

Happy Hunting