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Thursday, March 15, 2012

20th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition

Once again Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising LA is displaying a collection of costumes from current Hollywood films, many of the costume designers up for Academy Awards.

I've gone to this annual exhibit for years and years ( it first started in 1993 ) and it is extremely well done. Aside from the obvious delight in the creativity of the designers it is interesting to realize the actual size of actors. 
This year's exhibit included garments/costumes from 21 different films PLUS some wonderful vintage displays in cases along the walls; Marlene Dietrich gowns, Jean Harlow shorts, top hats, shoes, etc.

The gallery has undergone a renovation and a new prominent feature are security cameras :( So as discreetly as my friend and I tried to snap photos the guards were all over us reprimanding us " NO PHOTOS OR CELL PHONES ". Hello, all this stuff is on film somewhere if I was really motivated to capture the image. It was very annoying and EXTREMELY embarrassing when we finally noticed the security cameras.
Anyways, this gown is from Alice in Wonderland and is quite lovely.

I was dying to photograph the costumes from The Artist and also from W.E. Both films were from the 30s and had wonderful cloche hats and dresses. W.E. is about Wallis Simpson and I have no idea how that film slipped under my radar. I must see it !

The exhibit runs until April 28 Tuesday through Saturday 10am until 5pm. It is a nice way to spend a few hours whether or not you are obsessed with fashion and costumes like me.

All the info is at

Knits from FIDM Scholarship Store

If you go to FIDM and do not stop in the Scholarship Store you are nuts! Besides all kinds of wild and wonderful insanely discounted garments and jewelry there is a little fabric spot in the back with all fabrics $2 a yard.
I am feeling more like sewing than shopping so I bought 9 yards of knit fabrics.
Got some definite ideas for the fabric so stay tuned...