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Sunday, November 13, 2011

California Cool

I have lived in California all my life so I think I am a little immune to how cool and innovative California style has been over the decades.

So it was a real wake up at Los Angeles County Museum of Art where a wonderful exhibit of over 300 objects from housewares, furniture, games, graphics, textiles and fashions highlight California's mid century modern designs.

The display is in the Resnick building and is an extremely easy, engaging, enjoyable, exhibit to visit ( say that 5 times fast :).

Of course I focused on the fashions ( and for once photos are allowed ! ) but, the exhibit lasts until June 3, 2012 if you're curious about all the other wonderful designs on display.

It is just my opinion but, it really seems that people had more fun in the 1930's and didn't take themselves too seriously. And living in bright, beautiful California where the weather didn't dictate what you wore probably just added to the fun.
Every part of the world has it's own aesthetic but, California has always had one of the best vibes in the world ( yes, I am bias ).

WOW! I would totally love to wear this outfit today, or any day. It is hard to appreciate the textures and beauty of the fabrics/trims from an image but I promise this is a glorious outfit!

And finally, hard to believe 88 years ago (!) women knew how to rock a pair of blue jeans.

Of course the women probably didn't have 20 pairs of blue jeans and wear jeans EVERYWHERE...

I highly recommend this exhibit because fashions from the past are as fascinating as fashions from the runways.

Favorite Greens...

These are a few of my favorite greens,

from the tea drop

to the ATM stop

to my green peridot.

I simply remember my favorite greens...and then I don't feel so sad

And the Green Hornet may be more famous but, he has nothing on my green ensemble.

Green hat ( one of 3 )

Green coat ( one of 4-OMG! )

Green Boots ( one pair- I'm not crazy! )

What can I say... I LOVE green :)