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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

FASH 111 Roadtrip to LA !

Summer is just too nice to spend the day indoors so 20 students from my FASH 111 Intermediate Sewing class and myself took a roadtrip to LA fabric district.

First stop was the Scholarship store at FIDM because you never know what you'll find and at $1 a yard you can't go wrong.

It was just the beginning of a fun day full of fantastic deals for fabrics, you can always decide later what you'll actually make out of the fabrics :)

The first stop on Maple is always Micheal Levines which is a fairly normal fabric store. If you know your fabrics and prices there are deals to be found but, the real reason to stop in Micheal Levines is just to revel in the huge selection of unique fabrics, textile designer fabrics, notions and trims.

Micheal Levines is always an inspiring, sometimes expensive LA staple.

Next up on the hunt for fabric deals we headed across Maple to Micheal Levine Loft. As you can tell by the pictures it is piles of fabric in dozens of boxes so it becomes a true treasure hunt. And at $2.50 a lb it is bargains galore! Everyone left the Loft with bags bursting with fabrics.

Well, as most of the group headed off in different directions I took these two to Angel Textiles on Maple between 8th & 9th St. All the fabrics were $2 a yard and there were some very nice laces and loads of prints.

First time I came to Angel I was not impressed but, this time I was very pleasantly pleased.

Although I still think it's hard to realise what fabrics are there when it's stacked from floor to ceiling!!

After hours of walking and shopping a group of us took a well deserved break in the California Mart at 9th St. & Main. This is a clean, air conditioned, bustling building with a food court and lots of places to sit. After this half of us headed home and the other half headed off to Santee Alley for more bargains. For all I know they may be there still :)

I'm giving this fieldtrip an A+

Look What I Made...

This is my friend Liz and she LOVES animal prints. She is always doing little acts of kindness to me so I decided to surprise her with this zebra print top.

I used McCalls M5890 for the simple princess seams and just guessed the size. The fabric is really wonderful, it has little clear square sequins all over it so the design just shimmers but, is totally wearable during the daytime.

However this wonderful fabric was HORRIBLE to sew... skipped stitches, could not be pressed, etc. So it was not an option to fold under the neckline and armholes to top stitch because it would have looked awful. Instead I used black hem tape and folded it over the edge and stitched.

The hem tape is lacy so it's really a pretty finish and Liz LOVED the top.

Of course she already had the zebra shoes that matched :)

Faces Forward!

These are the 6 inch dancing flowers that inspired the director to order 2 ft tall ones!!

I FINALLY finished sculpting the 20 faces and NOW I must paint them all. I really, truly love making faces and I just wish I had time to pause and enjoy the experience BUT the marionettes are already 7 days late and the play opens on July 29...aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!