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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Look What I Made...

This is my friend Liz and she LOVES animal prints. She is always doing little acts of kindness to me so I decided to surprise her with this zebra print top.

I used McCalls M5890 for the simple princess seams and just guessed the size. The fabric is really wonderful, it has little clear square sequins all over it so the design just shimmers but, is totally wearable during the daytime.

However this wonderful fabric was HORRIBLE to sew... skipped stitches, could not be pressed, etc. So it was not an option to fold under the neckline and armholes to top stitch because it would have looked awful. Instead I used black hem tape and folded it over the edge and stitched.

The hem tape is lacy so it's really a pretty finish and Liz LOVED the top.

Of course she already had the zebra shoes that matched :)

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