Thought for a lifetime

Einstein made the very important observation that " Imagination is more important than knowledge ".

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Finding Prada

At the Marshalls store across from South Coast Plaza I was surprised to see a small stack of Prada shoes!!!! I guess the recession is hitting everyone. The shoes were not that memorable, even designers have their off days. And the shoes were priced at only...$399.99.

LOL!! I think in the world of Marshall shoppers that is not a bargain :(


I saw a demonstration on a short cut to create a marbling effect. Long ago in a dye class the marbling was done in multiple steps that were labor intensive.

I was eager to try the short cut so here it is: basically you spray shaving cream onto a cookie sheet. The shaving cream floats the paint on top so the paint adheres to the fabric and the shaving cream just melts away as it all drys.
Ideally fabric paint should be used but, I used some acrylic paints I already owned. The acrylic worked fine however when it dried it makes the fabric a little stiff.

After the paint is squirted onto the shaving cream gently use a comb to create the marbling effect. For best results soak the fabric in water and wring damp. The moisture helps the paint adhere.

Just lay the damp fabric on top of the paint and then remove fabric carefully to not disturb the design. Lay fabric in the sun to dry BUT beware the paint is soaked all the way thru the fabric and will leave paint on whatever surface it is placed on.

I placed it outside on the grass in the sun.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Favorite Store

Within the last 24 months an Anthropologie moved into a brand new store on El Paseo in Palm Desert. The store decor is fantastic and each display just captures my imagination. The store is not as impressive as the MASSIVE Anthropologie on Market Street in San Francisco
but, the smaller size does make it more manageable.

The prices are the normal Anthropologie ridiculous but, it's a great source for trend spotting and mixing fabrics, colors, and patterns. Somehow Anthropologie really elevates dressing to an art form...

One of the best features of this Anthropologie is the sale room. It is tidy and well stocked-this picture is the middle of a Sunday afternoon! All the garments in my dressing room plus what I'm wearing is from the sale room with an additional 25% off... SOLD!!