Thought for a lifetime

Einstein made the very important observation that " Imagination is more important than knowledge ".

Saturday, November 2, 2013

How Does your Garden Bloom...

Four of my flower creations 
I have been seriously distracted by a pursuit to make pretty fabric flowers. 
This has been going on for decades and I usually give up...
but I feel I am getting closer to my goal.

I have recently purchased enough ribbons, trims and velvets to make zillions of flowers.
Okay, maybe only 20 flowers.
But, I have to plan for rejects; I have a steep learning curve :(

Out of the many, many, many, many, many, many books on fabric flowers I have purchased these two and they are okay. 
Somehow directions and diagrams just cannot convey how to truly recreate the essence of a flower.
Guess that's best left to Mother Nature.
I will try to be content ( but not satisfied ) with my own creations.

Another Quickie

J Crew had this very attractive shirt in their window display and I very much liked the beading detail.
If anyone had been with me I would have said " That's so easy to do ! ".

So I did it!
Later that week I was at Michaels and all things jewelry were 40% off and remembering the J Crew shirt I bought these beads.

Important to plan lay out and then try on the shirt because beads in awkward places are just embarrassing.

This is how I clustered the beads and then in the evenings watching Hulu I stitched those little beads on one by one.

My finished top looks pretty luxe. The tshirt is only a $12 tshirt from H&M but, I like it.

In fact I liked it so much I wore it to my Mom's birthday the morning after I finished it!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


On a beautiful sunny October afternoon I found myself in the vicinity of the amazing, well stocked and controversial store Piecemakers.
The emporium is located at 1720 Adams Ave in Costa Mesa, CA and I have visited dozens of times over the past 20 years.

The controversy is the frequent run-ins with government officials and inspectors over candy displays, events without permits, tree swings and more.
Who are these hoodlums?
Middle age ladies that live communally and answer to God, not anyone else.

So visiting the store is a real pleasure because there are not employees, just really nice ladies who really care and are completely into what they do.
And they do ALOT!
Half a dozen classrooms and everywhere you look there are zillions of supplies, displays and ideas for a huge array of handcrafts.
My only disappointment is they discontinued millinery supplies about 10 years ago :(
But the ribbons, trims and buttons almost make up for it.

 It is difficult to fully describe the variety and sheer volume of the inventory.
And since there is a small restaurant inside there are always delicious smells of fresh baked goodies and homemade soups. On the afternoon I stopped by a man was singing and playing his accordion in the dining area.

Piecemakers is such a feel good place that fires up your imagination and can feed your body and soul.
It is just an uplifting experience.

And obviously I am not alone in this sentiment since Piecemakers total operations ( other sources of income in addition to the store ) are about $3 million a year.
That 's a whole lot of happiness!

Here's how I contributed to Piecemakers profits; vintage buttons, velvets, ribbons, trim and the perfect turning 50 card for a friend.
The ladies say God tells them what to do and I for one am glad they listen.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert AND the Costume

I had the very good fortune this week to see the musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

The entire play is a costume spectacular with over 500 costumes, 150 pairs of shoes, 200 hats and 60 wigs!

The main three characters are always in drag and one was so convincing I actually thought it was a woman playing a man playing a drag queen ( if that makes sense ).

The lobby of Segerstrom Center for the Arts was full of fun show facts, props and merchandise.

But make no mistake,

this show was 100% about the costumes,

Gillian Austin, the wardrobe mistress for the show.

the music;

 and both were completely over the top!!

That's me in the green glasses :)

 So if Priscilla Queen of the Desert comes to your town I strongly suggest you hop on that party bus and go have a very good time.