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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Another Quickie

J Crew had this very attractive shirt in their window display and I very much liked the beading detail.
If anyone had been with me I would have said " That's so easy to do ! ".

So I did it!
Later that week I was at Michaels and all things jewelry were 40% off and remembering the J Crew shirt I bought these beads.

Important to plan lay out and then try on the shirt because beads in awkward places are just embarrassing.

This is how I clustered the beads and then in the evenings watching Hulu I stitched those little beads on one by one.

My finished top looks pretty luxe. The tshirt is only a $12 tshirt from H&M but, I like it.

In fact I liked it so much I wore it to my Mom's birthday the morning after I finished it!

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