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Einstein made the very important observation that " Imagination is more important than knowledge ".

Friday, January 18, 2013

Memories of Grace Coddington Memoir

Instead of a new year resolution I actually have a new year confession: 
After all the guests and holiday hoopla departed, the air mattress finally deflated and my sewing studio was once again my solitary domain I did not get busy sewing.
Instead I spent long stretches of free time sitting on my bum and reading this 333 page memoir by Grace Coddington.

In case you don't know, Grace Coddington has been a creative force at American Vogue for over twenty years and before that she spent almost 20 years creating incredible fashion spreads at British Vogue and before that she modeled for about a decade. So she has been immersed in the highest echelon of the fashion universe for over 50 years!
She is the narrator and illustrator of this very humble story of what is actually a pretty amazing life. And although Grace Coddington is great friends with many, many iconic names in the fashion industry there is nothing negative in this memoir, just a nice dose of dry English humor.
When I finished reading it felt like hanging up the phone after a long, enjoyable chat with a dear friend.

Thank you to my daughters for such a thoughtful, enjoyable Christmas gift and now I really must get busy in my own little fashion universe!