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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Leather Backpack + Chalk Paint = Facelift

It's summer 2015 and I keep seeing the cutest,
brightly embellished bags in fashion magazines...

So I couldn't resist and went out and got me one !

Well, actually I just went to my closet and pulled out my 
old drab leather backpack from a thrift store.

And then dug out the chalk paint that I raved about last year when 
I used the paints to successfully paint a leather belt. 
( post July 6, 2014 )

Next was the nerve racking free form painting directly on the leather
WITHOUT any outlines or stencils or sketches...

Just kept painting having faith that I could keep it balanced and not flub.

Went to bed at this point knowing that the layout was not quite right...

A new day brought a fresh perspective and I quickly finished the design.
Last step is spraying a leather shoe protection product over the paint and leather.

And my drab old thrift store backpack has a bright new appearance !!

Chalk paint is really amazing. 
It has been almost exactly one year since I used the chalk paint 
and it was not at all hard or changed in texture.
The chalk paint on my leather belt has not cracked or flaked AT ALL.

Am now busy trying to think of something else to paint with this incredible product!