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Friday, June 20, 2014

Flower Power with Candace Kling

Flowers are always a delight to behold,

the variety,

and simple beauty

make flowers amongst the most gorgeous creations,

in the universe.

A close second to the natural beauty and variety of a flower is a ribbon flower.

and although simple in appearance the subtle nuances of making a beautiful ribbon flower

are a challenge that many artists spend decades perfecting.

Candace Kling is wearing the red blouse
One such artist is Candace Kling; a world renown ribbon artist, published author on the subject, exhibitor in world-class museums, educator and a very nice woman.

 I recently had the extreme good fortune to spend four days of seven hour ribbon workshops at 
Wayne Wichern Millinery Studio taught by Candace Kling.
for upcoming workshops )

Candace generously shared dozens of techniques and tips that are the result of decades of practice and careful examination of hundreds of vintage ribbon works that people send her from all over the world. Museums and collectors also have allowed her access to gorgeous ribbon work.
Candace is a ribbon detective, trying to determine how the beautiful ribbon works were created.

Each day I took at least 9 pages of notes.
Candace specifically asked us not to share techniques online so all I am posting are images.

 Candace would demonstrate and throughly explain a technique 
and then we students tried our best to replicate it.

This student was incredibly successful and had a real eye for composition and color.

One of Candace Kling's sample boards of cockades

After two days of ribbon and fabric flowers the workshop moved onto cockades. 
Cockades developed during the 18th century and were most often used to indicate political alliance or rank. It is basically a ribbon that is folded in a repetitive sequence to create amazing patterns.

A very focused Wayne Wichern

The cockades were extremely challenging for everyone.

Cocades aren't just for medals and medallions,
this is a vintage hat with two lovely cockades.

This is one of my cockades during it's creation. 
Notice the chart underneath that allows you to evenly space the points.
And yes, there are dozens of details like that to make a successful cockade.

These four days of ribbon work were indescribably delightful.
I valiantly tried to keep up and complete all the samples but, 
there was never any down time to catch up.
On the last day demonstrations actually speeded up because 
Candace's wealth of knowledge outpaced my fumbling fingers.

And although cockades were interesting…
 give me a flower any day.