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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cavalcade of Costumes at Costume College 2014

The Costume College experience just kept getting better and better.

 I was already in shock and awe at the fabulous costumes seen randomly 
 wandering about at Costume College, then there was also
 The Cavalcade of Costume Exhibit

A banquet room full of dozens of complete costumes and accessories.
Many, many created by Costume Guild members and many items historical artifacts.

Every item had a wonderful description and the collections were amazing.

So many fantastic vintage hats that I actually got a little giddy :)

The garments were delightfully period correct right down to the shoes.

 Unless it was a complete fantasy outfit.
The imagination and techniques used in the fantasy outfits were impressive.

This collection and exhibit of historical, fantastical and imaginative costumes was almost... overwhelming.

I easily took 100 pictures to try and capture the creativity, beauty and wonder of this exhibit.

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