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Sunday, October 20, 2013

LifeTime Leather

I have a confession: 
My wardrobe borders on excessive. 
The only new acquisitions I am interested in must be either unique, practical, funky or one-of-a-kind treasures.
When I stumbled upon master leather smith Kye Rorie IV on the streets of San Francisco his gorgeous hand tooled leather goods fit all my criteria. 

Plus I adore old hippies. 
They just make my heart sing.

 Mr. Rorie has been working with leather for decades. His tools, know-how and love of his craft were inspiring. It was a real pleasure to make his acquaintance.

The beautiful one-of-a-kind leather belt I selected from the large inventory was custom fit to my size.
And a phenomenal deal at $35 !

I'm lovin' my new belt because it is a hand-made piece of Americana.
And it's beautiful.

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  1. The men leather belts collection shown above are at their finest. One must have one for stylish and classy looks.