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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Costumer's Guild West

As a new official member of the Costumer's Guild West I was able to attend the annual meeting/fashion show on October 8, 2013.
I really miss costumes, the theater and interesting people.

Darth Vaders mother

The fashion show was a delightful mix of historically correct garments and fantasy costumes.

Civil War era

Life size American doll

Mardi Gras costume

Sack back gown

Edwardian era ( ? )

In addition to the meeting and the fashion show members brought in some historical and fanciful reticules.

Ostrich egg reticule made by an CGW member

Two unique reticules from the 1930s

Another interesting antique reticule

This was a display of a recreated military uniform. Although the materials were new the methods used to recreate the uniform were original. I think it is a Russian uniform but, I misplaced my notes on all the interesting costumes at this annual meeting/fashion show :(

The gold braid on the jacket and the feather plume of the helmet were most impressive.

The meeting and the members of Costumer's Guild West were very interesting.
I am looking forward to many more memorable events...
and maybe even wearing a costume!

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