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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Free Idea

Free People is one of my favorite brands because of its' boho, hand crafted, casual look. 
Unfortunately the prices are not casual...
this sweatshirt with trims was $88.

So I purchased a $15.60 light weight sweatshirt from Forever 21...

and my next trip to the fabric district in LA I selected a bunch of trims.
( I took the sweatshirt with me to be certain that trims looked good and it took about 35 minutes to select all the different trims that still worked together ).
Approximately $22 in trims.

Laid out the trims and then began the nightly ritual of hand sewing on some trims while watching Hulu on my computer.

Had to edit my trims when I realized the trims would go past my elbow. 
Unfortunately I neglected to try on the Free People sweatshirt so I don't know how high the trims went up the sleeve.

I really am lovin' my finished trimmed sweatshirt. 

Thanks Free People for the free idea!

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