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Einstein made the very important observation that " Imagination is more important than knowledge ".

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The exhibit had the lights dimmed so that the textiles of the garments would not be damaged, however that also made it impossible to sneak a good non-flash picture when the guards weren't looking. I can never resist snapping a few furtive photos because my memory is terrible!! Also, the catalog of the show did not capture the spirit of the exhibit AT ALL and did not even have good photos of the garments. The catalogue was so bad that I actually asked if there were copyright concerns that prohibited photos of each garment. The museum cashier looked at me like I was nuts but, I was disappointed that the catalog was so lacking so I did not purchase it. Next month Threads magazine is doing an article on Balenciaga so I'm hoping that will illuminate some of the more intriguing construction details of this amazing fabric artist. The exhibit was truly inspiring and I highly recommend it to all fashionistas.

After the exhibit Chrissie and I drove to Haight Ashbury where once again I totally scored with a great parking place for the vehicle beast ( Ford Excursion ) and we enjoyed a delicious lunch together in a window seat with GREAT people watching. Metered parking was 25 cents for like 10 minutes so we didn't stay long. But, I enjoyed every minute of my beautiful day with my beautiful daughter. Life is good :)

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