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Friday, June 24, 2011

What really brings me back to Sewing Party besides the great fabrics, classes, books, etc. is the fantastic purses. The selection of purse handles, hardware and ideas are inspiring.

And purses are everywhere! There are books of purse patterns, giant grommets, decorative zippers, the little feet for purse bottoms, and just great examples of the purses that can only be purchased as kits. No individual patterns, just kits that hopefully you'll buy when you sign-up for the class on how to make the purse. I really fell in love with the Bostonian purse with its nice size and shape. Plus lots of hardware that makes it look expensive and not at all homemade. No classes offered right now on the Bostonian but, I signed up for it on the store's wishlist of classes. When enough people sign up they schedule a class!

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