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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

As we exited the huge industrial elevator at the seventh floor it was immediately obvious this place makes A LOT of garments. The sheer volume was only slightly more amazing than the efficiency of the operation.

This sign was everywhere and it is a real philosophy. Less waste means more $$ and if a hairband can be made out of remaining fabric from cutting out t-shirts they go for it. For awhile a purse was even made out of actual scraps of fabric sewn together.

The garments are made and shipped literally the same day. As soon as the boxes are full they are labeled and whisked away via conveyor belts to the shipping building adjacent to the factory.
 The building, the concept, the number of employees, the production, the noise volume is all HUGE!

These are a few of the knitting machines that every household should own. One machine can knit a glove, sock or beanie in minutes.

Everything at American Apparel factory is about speed and efficiency. And then you add in the very real goal of taking care of all the employees needs ( subsidized meals, medical facility, child care, high wages, production bonuses ) and you begin to understand the energy that fuels this business.

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