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Friday, May 4, 2012

Update for Spring with Lace

Spring and summer fashions are featuring a lot of bits and pieces of lace.

Lace is great to incorporate into any design because it won't fray and can be used in so many different ways. 

I do like when lace is used for part of the garment ( ie., yoke, sleeve, collar,  etc. ).

 I also like when lace is an overlay for the entire garment.

But, my favorite is the lace insert surprise! 

So I decided to update my tired old black knit cardigan. It had ribbing at the bottom and the end of the sleeves that made the silhouette quite bulbous.

I cut off the unfashionable ribbing and since it was a good quality knit I did not have to worry about any unraveling.  I simply machine hemmed the bottom and sleeves.

Free of the ribbing the sweater had a new, much nicer boxy shape.

Good looking lace is hard to find and I don't remember where I found these bits of lace, but I really liked the lace pattern.

I wish I had purchased more than two...however working with just two bits of lace I placed one high on left side ( where I normally would wear a brooch ) and the other low on my right side wrapping from front to back.

Hopefully the placement makes it more edgy and not too old lady...

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