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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


There are eight rooms filled with different ideas and completely different types of garments. I took so many pictures I almost forgot to really look at the garments and appreciate the wonderful workmanship. 
There were just too many looks to document so here is a smattering of the wildest outfits.

"Immaculate" gown from Virgins Collection, haute couture spring/summer 2007.
Worn by Kylie Minogue in " Like a Drug " video.
And yes, the eyes blinked and watched from under the mask.

" La Mariee " wedding gown, haute couture fall-winter 2002-2003.
Every bride should wear a feather headdress. 

These body stockings with the skeletal, muscular and veins as the embellishment are fantastic. 
The idea is fantastic and the execution of the idea is even more fantastic.
Morphing Collection haute couture fall/winter 2003-2004

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