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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The 6th Annual Exhibit of Television Costume Design

I love to go yearly to the Fashion Institute of Design ( FIDM ) in Los Angeles, California to see their exhibit of Academy Award nominated costumes. I am not a fashion industry girl, I am a theater costume girl. 
And this year for the first time I got to go to FIDM's Primetime Emmy Nominated Costume exhibit!

The exhibit has over 75 costumes from 16 shows that represent many different TV genres and time periods. Although this is the first year I heard about the exhibit it is actually the 6th year FIDM has showcased nominated costume designers and supervisors; and a few of the nominees are FIDM graduates!

I admit I was most excited about seeing the Downtown Abbey show costumes. The show is on PBS and the costume designer is Susannah Buxton. She states her goal is to make sure the actors " don't look like they are in costume ". The details of the costumes on display are beautiful but, I wish there were more hats.

And I confess out of the 16 shows I had never seen almost half. However that did not diminish my enjoyment of the costumes. The kid show The Fresh Beat Band  on Nickelodeon had fantastic fantasy costumes and head pieces designed by Joyce Kim Lee.

This costume collection from Once Upon a Time on ABC and designed by Eduardo Castro with his assistant Monique McRae is pretty impressive. The orange tutu outfit is also from this show.

I downloaded these images from facebook ( hope that's legal ) but, there are lots more at

 6th Annual Art of Television Costume Design exhibition on facebook.

However, images do not do justice to all the amazing, inventive details of these costumes. Images also do not communicate the size of the actors ( Christina Ricci from Pan AM on ABC is tiny! ) and the wonderful textiles. 
The costumes are on exhibit until October 20, 2012 and admission is free. 

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