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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to make Fascinators

I have rarely met a hat I did not like...but, had never really given much notice to fascinators. Upon enrolling in a hat making class the first assignment was how to make a fascinator.

First we stretched wet buckram over a hat block, let it dry overnight. Next the desired outline of the fascinator was drawn onto the buckram and cut out with scissors.

Using a lockstitch 18 gauge millinery wire was hand stitched around the edge of the fascinator and then French elastic ( fancy term for bias tape ) was stab stitched to cover the wire. The fabric covering was carefully slipstitched to the bias tape; first on top and then the inside lining.


After the buckram was covered in fabric the only limit to the embellishment was your imagination...


All my fabrics are recycled mens ties and I created all the flowers from old ties. 
It was a blast!


Elsa Schiaparelli's iconic shoe hat

And as homage to the creative wit and fun that Elsa Schiaparelli had with designing I created another fascinator.

Long live fun fashion!


  1. love it!!! what course did you take??

  2. Great stuff, I love learning new crafting ideas .Thanks, SGR.