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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hat Confessions

Often I have blogged about my love of hats. 
And for the last few years I have seriously pursued learning millinery skills so I could create hats that I would love.
Well, I've made MANY hats and I have yet to love ANY.
The following pictures are of the almost good, the bad, and the ugly of my hat making quest so far...

Recycled hat made from a sweater. B+

Hat I made while learning to knit. C-

Knit hat I totally made up. B+

First fascinator. A-

Second fascinator. C+

Buckram and linen hat that took approx 20 hours to make. C+

Buckram and fabric hat that doesn't fit. D+
Current cloth hat project. B+  ( so far )

First blocked hat. A-

Second blocked hat. B+
 So as much as I love sewing clothes the truth is that I have greatly distracted by hats!

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