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Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Macrame Seed Bead Idea

This project is a little departure from current fashion and a trip down memory lane to the happy hippy homemade era of the sixties.
And I may be dating myself but, I LOVED the whole creative, express yourself, be unique vibe of  those days. 
Hey, I was only in elementary school so all the bad parts of the sixties was over my head.

Anyways, I was driving past the Bead Store in Laguna Beach with time on my hands when I remembered a necklace I had seen and wanted to recreate.
It required strands of seed beads, string ( I bought hemp ) and some jewelry findings.

Luckily I had a book on macrame ( a French word meaning knotted lace ) to refresh my memory on macrame skills learned as a Girl Scout so many years ago. With a little practice and good written illustrations I relearned the secret to knotting a twisting design in twine.

The seed bead strands were tied to a large jump ring and then the twine was artfully knotted onto the jump ring and the knotting began...

At one end of a 3" section of twisting, macrame twine a clasp was tied on and a jump ring was tied to the other twisting macrame end.

And my new macrame seed bead necklace was complete. 
And I have rediscovered my love of macrame. 
And I am now thinking of knotting up an eyeglass case next...


  1. Thank you, thank you! I have some seed beads I didn't know what to with and this is a handsome, perfect solution.